Lagerstroemia indica, Crepe myrtle, 30-100 seeds

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Crape myrtle seeds will germinate most any time, but they will do best in early spring when the days are lengthening. Gently press them into the surface of a light, moist potting medium. Cover with a layer of milled sphagnum moss (or the same medium if you don't have it), and mist until damp. Cover the pot with plastic, and put in a warm, bright place at 75° to 85°F (25-30°C).

You can also try baggy germination method. Spread your seeds between two paper towels. Place the paper towels in a plastic bag or container (I upcycle a lot of containers from sweets and nuts, well washed with dish soap or bleach before use), then wet the towels with water using a spray bottle. Then seal the bag or container and keep at 25-30°C. Check regularly until tiny roots appear and transfer into pots or seed tray using plastic tweezers.

The seeds should sprout in a two to three weeks. Once they sprout, you can remove the plastic and keep the seedlings moist and in bright light as they grow. Wait until they have two sets of true leaves before transplanting to individual pots. Keep the pots indoors until late spring, then move them to a shady spot outdoors for a couple of weeks to acclimate before planting. Bring them indoors if nighttime temperatures drop below 50° F.

Once the plants are acclimated, and warm weather is here to stay, you can plant them in their permanent homes. The seedlings will grow rapidly during the summer. Keep them well watered, and feed every few weeks with a balanced organic fertilizer.

Credits for germination instruction