Lysidice rhodostegia, Yihua, Miriam flowe,r 10-100 seeds

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Lysidice rhodostegia is a bean family, shrub or small tree, up to 5 meters high, rarely more than 10 meters. Leaflets 3-5 pairs, papery, apex caudate acuminate, base rounded and obtuse; lateral veins slender, petioles stubby, panicles, rachis, bracteoles, and bracteoles all pubescent; bracts , bracteoles pink, calyx tube longer than calyx lobes, calyx lobes oblong, dark purple; petals purple, ovary hairy, style slender, pod obovate oblong, fruit petals often spiral Curly; the seeds are oblong, brownish-red, and the seed coat is thin and brittle, blooming from June to August; fruiting from September to November.

Distributed in Gaoyao, Maoming, Wuhua and other places in Guangdong, China and Longzhou and Yunnan in Guangxi. There are also distributions in Vietnam. Born in mountain jungles below 500 meters above sea level, it is common in thickets, roadsides and valleys and streams. There is a small amount of cultivation in the suburban gardens of Guangzhou.

Yihua is an excellent garden landscape tree species, and it is also an excellent native broad-leaved tree species. The flowering period of Yihua is long, the pink flowers are large and numerous, and the ornamental value is extremely high. The tree species is planted alone, in clusters or in pieces, all of which have good garden landscape effects; it is a tree species worthy of development and application.

The roots, stems and leaves of this species are poisonous, can disperse blood stasis and reduce swelling, stop bleeding and relieve pain. It can cure bruises, fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic haemorrhage, etc. Bast fibre can replace hemp. The flowers are beautiful, and it is an excellent garden greening tree species.

Lysidice Rhodostegia is a fast-growing tree. 6-month-old seedlings reach about 40 cm height, ground diameter 0.40 ~0.50cm, with 3~5 branches, 1 year old —170cm, ground diameter 2 cm, with more than 8 branches.

Germination method

Sowing time: spring, in soil or the pots outside

Germination temperature: 25°C

Pre-Treatment: Despite the big size of the seed the outer coat is quite soft and does not require scarification. Soak in room temperature water for overnight or 24 h until the surface becomes wrinkled.

Sowing mix: compost for seeds and cuttings + sand or perlite. You can add ½ of recommended dose of slow leasing fertilizer. Place the pots in sunny position and keep the soil damp but not wet.

Germination time: seeds germinated in 10 days by baggy method. For seedlings to emerge from the soil it will take a bit longer.