Keiki paste, Cytokinin paste, cloning paste, new growth stimulant for orchid etc.

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Cytokinin paste, also called Keiki paste is a stimulant for the awakening of dormant buds and the formation of new ones, followed by the new peduncles formation and offspring or "babies". Different types and varieties of orchids, African violets, succulents, hibiscus, roses, camellias, citrus fruits, etc. respond effectively to the treatment.

Features. The effect of cytokinin paste is based on the product's ability to cause division of plant cells. Cytokinin paste is a substance with few components.

The composition includes:
anhydrous lanolin

This unique composition makes it safe for human health and is used for all types of indoor plants.

Cytokinin paste is usually used for:
- Stimulation of fastidious plants
- Correct formation of the crown
- Development of lateral shoots and buds
- In the same way, with the help of cytokinin paste, you can accelerate the activity of the buds by two weeks.
All this is due to the fact that cytokinin paste stimulates rapid cell division in plants.

Application methods. The paste has proven itself well as a means of stimulating the awakening of orchid buds or cloning. The paste is applied on the bud after removing the dried layer. The second method is used at the beginning of spring, a scratch is made with a knife, and the paste applied over it.

Cytokinin paste is also used for propagation of violets. Some varieties, by their nature, are very reluctant to give offspring even under favorable conditions. This is where Cytokinin paste comes to the rescue. Make a scratch on the petiole of the leaf just above the surface of the medium and apply a small amount of paste using a toothpick and a clean needle. After a couple of weeks, new growths appear and can be planted.

Positive results were obtained when using the paste on citrus plants, in particular, on lemons. The buds swell and begin to develop intensively, which lead to the formation of a sprout. However, pay attention that this should be done when the plant came out of dormancy.

Contraindications to use. It is not recommended to use Cytokinin paste when:
- The plant is very young
- The plant is infected by any disease or pest
- The plant is damaged (the paste has no recovery properties)
- Do not treat leaves with paste.

Application method

Awakening a dormant bud
carefully remove the scale from the bud; lightly scratch the living tissue of the bud 3-4 times with a sharp, disinfected needle; apply a thin layer of paste
Formation of a new bud
scratch the stem of the plant 3-4 times and apply the paste in a thin layer
Formation of a flower stalk
after applying Cytokinin paste, keep the plant at a temperature of 18-22 °C and fertilize with potassium-phosphorus fertilizer
Offspring (Keiki) formation
after applying Cytokinin paste, keep the plant at a temperature of 25 °C and feed with fertilizers with a high nitrogen content.