Albuca juncifolia, Rushleaf Tamarak, Drooping slime Lily, Rare succulent South Africa, easy to grow, 20 seeds

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Germination method
I started all my Albuca seeds (A. Cooperi, A. Bracteata, A. Juncifolia) on wet tissue placed in transparent food container at the room temperature about +20°C. The seeds germinated in 4-7 days, some took longer. Do not leave them there for too long because the root will start looking to its way inside the tissue and you risk to brake fragile thing while transferring to the pots.
You can sow your seeds indoors or outdoor (weather permitted, mind that the night temperature is usually cooler, keep it +20°C or higher). Other growers recommend using heat mat, but if you don’t have one they will germinate just fine.
The most important to use well-draining potting medium. I used seed starting soil + sand 2:1, but probably adding grit, pumice and perlite would be beneficial.
Once your seeds germinated water them moderately, not allowing the medium to dry up completely, neither overwatering it.
Most Albuca prefer to be grown in full sun. Albuca species are not frost hardy, so if you live temperate climate zone bring it inside for overwintering.
It takes about 3 years for Albuca started from seed to flower.
Flowering time – spring, seeds ripe in about 3 month (collected July 2022).