Hippeastrelia x Sprekelia formosissima (Aztec lily). Fresh seeds July 2023!

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Hippeastrelia is a generic hybrid between Hippeastrum species and Sprekelia formosissima (also known as Orchid Amaryllis or Aztec Lily). This form of hybrid was originally done in India in the 1970’s and named after Durga Shamsher Pradhan, founder of the Chandra Nursery in Sikkim.

Hybrid has been stable and self fertile since then and has became popular among the Hippeastrum amateurs around the world for its disctinctive features.

Flowers are intermediate between the regular tube flower of the Hippeasturm and the asymmetrical, almost orchid-like flower of the Sprekelia.

Seed grown bulbs grow quickly and can flower in their third year. They also produce side bulbs early on.

Hippeastrelia Durga Pradhan makes excellent pot-plant and when grown outdoors in milder climates forms good size clumps with profusion of crimson red, orchid-shaped flowers in spring.

Bulb reach mature flowering size at 12 cm circumference.
Feed and water regularly after the flowering. Dormant bulbs maybe lifted and stored till time of planting. The best soil being one part well-rotted manure, one part sand and two parts leaf mould. Ideal for indoor growing, conservatory or greenhouse.

Propagation by seeds
Like other seeds from Amaryllidaceae family Hippeastrelia D.P. seeds can be germinated by floating method. Fill container with distilled water, spread seeds on it and keep covered with transparent lid until germination occurs (I didn't use the cover, it worked just the same). It usually takes 4-7 days at 22-30°C. Seeds can be sown directly into a well drained medium like 50% peat moss + 50% perlite, cover with the same medium lightly. It will take much longer to see the results, as between the root appearance and the shoots will pass 2 weeks or more depending on the temperature.
The best results are obtain with fresh seeds so I'd suggest to sow the seeds immidiately without delay (recommended conditions should be met).
It is recommended that the plants should be kept moist and growing for the first two years indoors or in the greenhouse without a winter dormancy. During their second winter they should be allowed to dry off.

Offered seeds are crosses of Hippeastrelia P.D. x Sprekelia
formosissima pollen.