Caesalpinia gilliesii, Desert bird of paradise, 10 fresh viable seeds

Fresh and viable!

This showy desert bloomer is even more spectacular in person than in pictures. The large yellow flowers seem tropical, with long red stamens, amazing against feathery green foliage.

Originally from Argentina, this desert beauty has naturalized in the Southwest, is tough and undemanding despite its fragile appearance. Happy in scorching sun or part shade, it looks best with an occasional deep watering, but will tolerate the worst drought, and it's hardy down to 5 degrees. A carefree plant in zones 8-10, it does fine indoors in a bright window elsewhere.

Hummingbirds love it.

Germination method
The seeds have hard coat so pre-treatment is required. In my experiment I used warm water (tap water just comfortable enough for your skin, about 40°C), changing it as needed.
There's a very curios fact about Caesalpinia gilliesii seeds! Once they imbibe the water and ready for germination they turn from grey to pinkish-red! So once it happened I put them in food contained with damp paper for further process. The seeds that remained the same go for warm water treatment.
You can try mechanic scarification as well like sand paper, but be gentle with them. They really look quite delicate!
The germination after pre-treatment won't make you wait to long - within 24 hour you'll see the taproot emerging. I always recommend using the compost mix for seeds and seedlings as it's sterilized and your young seedlings won't be attacked by bacteria or pests happy to feast on young growth.
On my opinion 10-12 cm pot is enough for the first stage as they do not grow super fast.
This is a beautiful plant that will make a nice addition to your flower garden.