Handroanthus chrysanthus, Tabebuia chrysantha, Golden trumpet tree, 30-100 seeds

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Handroanthus chrysanthus (formely classified as Tabebuia chrysantha), commonly known as Golden trumpet tree is a deciduous tree of the Bignoniaceae family with a height of up to 5 meters. Handroanthus chrysanthus is native to Mexico, Central and South America and is the national flower of Brazil.
Other common names: Golden goddess, araguaney, yellow ipê, guayacán, chonta quiru, tajibo, ipê-amarelo.

Handroanthus chrysanthus tree will change the with the change of seasons. In spring the branches and leaves are sparse, and beautiful yellow flowers make a magnificent show in March-April with the floweres lasting 10-15 days; in summer the tree will cover in leaves and produce pods; in autumn the branches and leaves are prosperous; in winter the dead branches and leaves present a bleak beauty.

Handroanthus chrysanthus bark has deep cracks, the trunk and branches are light, soft and slender; leaves are opposite and petiolate, elliptic and lanceolate, with pinnate venation. Flowers are large, tubular shaped, with broadening corolla of deep yellow colour, about 2 inches (5cm) long.

The fruits of H. chrysanthus are 18-25 cm long and dehiscing downwards. A lot hairs inside the fruit facilitates dispersal of winged seeds.

Handroanthus chrysanthus loves high temperatures. The best growth temperature is 23-30℃, and the lowest temperature is 5℃. 


Germination method
There's not much informaton regarding germinating H. chrysanthus seeds, studies look too complicated to apply in private garden.
Let's keep it short and easy dear friends!
1. Choose fresh seeds. The more fresh the seeds - the higher germination rate!
2. Germination temperature 20-22C (70F)
3. Potting medium. OK, the study suggests using the mix of sand + ant soil 2:1, or chicken manure + ant soil 2:1, but I would feel safer using seed staring medium. The choise is yours!
I'd suggest to use individual pots or seedling trays with saparate holes. It will be easier to repot them after growing big enough to hangde without disturbing the roots.
3. Light. The seeds growing in half shade showed much higher germination results comparing to ones exposed to full sun (the major factor is that the soil remain constanly moist).
4. Humidity. In one YouTube video a narrator was covering the pots with cling film. Since I have a bad experince with these kind of props I avoid them at any cost as it creates the perfect invironment for fungus growth. The better option is placing the pots or trays in transparent plastic storage containers big large enough to provide decent air circulation.
5. Once the seeds germinated you can gradually remove them from the box and transfer them from the shady area to partial shade and eventually full sun thus hardening the seedlings.

I'll update this paragraph as soon as I have my own experince with Handroanthus chrysanthus, beautiful Golden trumpet tree seeds.
Meanwhile if you already tried growing them please contact me via email, I'll appreciate your advice!