Wisteria floribunda Rosea, Pink Japanese wisteria, 10-50 fresh seeds 2023

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Wisteria floribunda is one of the most spectacular climbing plants for spring and summer blooms. This stunning beauty will put on a long-lasting display which will be a stand-out feature in your garden!

Native to Japan, Wisteria Floribunda is deservedly popular for its beautiful, fragrant blooms. However, its foliage is also very attractive and gives a long season of interest in the garden. The leaves are bronze coloured when they emerge in spring, turning a bright green in summer, and then a bright buttery yellow in the autumn. In late spring and early summer, long drooping clusters of flowers form, 30 cm or more in length.

Japanese Wisteria will grow to a mature height of 10 metres and spread of 4 metres in 20 years. As it is a climbing plant, it is necessary to provide a sturdy framework for it to grow on. It responds well to regular pruning, with the new growth and spent flowers cut back in August to encourage the formation of flower buds for the next year.

Wisteria Floribunda should be planted in any moist, well-drained soil in full sun, although it will grow in dappled shade. Once established it will tolerate dry conditions. Tolerant of both salt and pollution, it will grow happily in coastal and city gardens, and is both rabbit and deer-resistant, making it a good choice for country gardens as well.

Wisteria Floribunda makes an excellent specimen planting on a roof terrace where it can be trained up a wall or across a sturdy trellis. Growing over a pergola in a garden or on a patio, you will have a beautiful shady place all summer, and an outstanding blossom show in June and July. It can also be trained up a steel frame as a standard.

Growing Wisteria Floribunda from seed
Germination method
Sowing time: Spring/all year round
Germination temperature: 18-22°C
Sowing mix: compost + perlite, ready made compost for seeds and cuttings
Location: bright + keep constant slightly moist, not wet
Pre-treatment. Soak the seeds in water for 6-12 hours or until the seeds swell.
Germination time: 5-15 days