Annona reticulata, bullock's heart, custard apple, sweetsop, Jamaica apple, 10 seeds

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Annona reticulata, also known as custard apple or bullock's heart, is a small tropical fruit tree. It grows up to 4-8 meters tall, with glossy, dark green leaves. The fruits are heart-shaped with a reticulated or net-like pattern on the skin, containing creamy, sweet, custard-like pulp with black seeds. This tree thrives in warm, humid climates and well-draining soil, making it a delightful addition to tropical gardens, providing shade, and offering its delicious fruits for culinary delights. Zones 9-11

Germination method
At first I didn't find much information about germinating A. reticulata seeds and decided to improvise.
So for the test I used 500 ppm and 750 ppm GA3 (Gibberellic acid) solution. Seeds started to germinate in 2 weeks.
Seeds pre-treated with 500 ppm GA3 showed much better results (6 out of 8 seeds germinated while only 2 out 8 in 750 ppm).
According to the study "Effect of pre-sowing treatments on seed germination and seedling growth of Annona reticulata L." where different growth regulator were used (H2SO4, GA3, NAA, KNO3) the best results were obtained after 96 hours (4 days) soaking in water. So if you don't have GA3 solution in hand, do not get upset - they should do well just in water (this method is still undergoing the test).
UPDATE. At the end of test all seeds germinated at slightly different time pattern.
Germination test using just soaking in water is still undergoing.
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After pre-treatment get a clear plastic food container, fill it with moist vermiculate and push the seeds in lightly (I didn't cover them completely), keep at 25-30°C.
Seeds will germinate in about 2 weeks. Plant germinated seeds in pots with well draining compost.
A. reticulata grown from seeds should start flowering for the first time in 3-6 years.